Aren't you worried about such problems as stated below?  If any of them is true in your case, please feel free to consult us. We are confident that we can deliver strong results. I want to establish sales channel in Japan without much expense and effort. Why can you succeed in Japan as a distributer by accepting our assistance? Multi-Channel System Marketing Methods Media Relations
Even if you have stocks of high-quality goods, it would be difficult for you to expand your sales without various distribution channels. We will seek for new markets where the goods will be sold well, making excellent use of all the distribution channels such as mail-order service through the TV, radio and internet, and also to department stores, drugstores, convenience stores and so forth.
Without good marketing strategies to sell the items properly, it would be difficult to win in the marketplace, however good qualities those items have. We have merchandising planning methods to sell products from abroad in Japan, which we employ fully to enhance value of the products in the market place.
In marketing in the information society, good public relations are essential.We have realized the environment in which the products we deal with should appear in various media by public relations campaigns, adequate in both quantity and quality. Thus, you will be able to provide a better awareness of the products that do not rely solely on advertising, enhancing the products’ presence in the market.
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